Commute / Day Ride


Start commuting or going for day rides on a Moto Guzzi small block model such as the V7 Stone and you’ll quickly find you’re ready to spend yet more time in the saddle of one of these versatile and affordable machines. Whether making a quick run to the store, visiting a buddy across town, going to and from work or taking the backroads on a sunny day, V7 does it all. For longer trips, accessories add to the comfort of the journey, however far it takes you.

Add a further dimension of classic style, curbside looks and sport-oriented attitude with the V7 Racer ABS variant. Road safety, sparkling presence and racing heritage. Good things come in small packages.

The V9 is the new incarnation of the purest spirit of Moto Guzzi. A spirit that brooks no compromise. A spirit that, with every choice, proudly states: I am what I am. The V9 is just that: authentic in every design detail; authentic in its use of strong and high-quality materials such as steel and aluminum, and in the choice of prestigious components; authentic in the agility with which it reacts to your riding; and authentic in the exciting torque of the new 850cc engine.

Sport / Muscle


Power and speed come in many guises: two are characterized by Griso and Audace, both from the hallowed Moto Guzzi stable. Griso‘s sleek lines and electric looks make sure the adrenaline starts pumping just standing next to the machine  – before thumbing the starter and getting down the road. Once underway, responsive handling, increased ground clearance and ‘urgency on tap’ from the throttle make for that magic blend of fun and excitement that sport riders crave. Need to cool it for a few miles after a spirited session in the curves ? Griso’s well mannered V-Twin delivers a relaxed ride when the time is right.

Audace turns the equation on its head. Start out relaxed on a cruise down to the local gathering point, swing through the curves in a smooth arc. Sixteen wheeler or camper cramping your style on the straightaway ? Make them disappear with a handsome helping of grunt to do the job. Add luggage accessories to take Audace on longer trips – carve and cruise all day in comfort and look good doing it !

Luxury / Touring


Leisure, pleasure, power and smarts underpin the California Custom and Touring models. A plush, responsive ride combined with adaptability to road conditions and riding style make long distance touring a breeze. Ample, beautifully integrated and styled carrying capacity are in the California’s DNA. The descendant of the legendary first models of yesterday, California is steeped in tradition while catering to the needs of today’s serious long distance touring motorcyclist. The long-legged, 1400cc V-Twin equipped with the latest developments in engine management eats the miles making for epic journeys and a relaxed arrival at your destination.

Ready to take a trip down memory lane to Moto Guzzi’s illustrious past with feet firmly planted in today’s technology and power platform ? The classic and elegant pinstriped tank and livery of the reborn Eldorado fits the bill and how. Based on the same 1400cc V-Twin that graces the California range, the handling and comfort of the Eldorado’s forebear are all there on steroids thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing. Talk-of-the-town styling and presence will set your ride apart from the crowd of big twins claiming to be in the same class.

Want to combine sport handling and agility with all day comfort and great lines ? Norge GT 8V delivers. Performance when needed and mellow, nimble curve swinging when you’re settled into a solid session of sweepers and twisties on a single or multi-day ride. Born in the foothills of the Alps, dream destinations are Norge’s home turf. ABS braking, heated grips and other must-have features are baked in. You’ll leave your capuccino half full on the table just to get back out in the parking lot and fire up one of the most elegant creations in the world of motorcycles.

Adventure / Offroad


Swept up in the growing movement toward practical, multipurpose motorcycles that take their rider to scenery conventional machines will never see ? Want to enjoy the pavement that lies between home and the offroad destinations you’ve dreamed of ? Stelvio answers that longing with a ride that comes complete with the trappings the terrain demands. Functionality, sharp looks, handling and long-distance comfort are melded into a tool for travel into remote areas a million miles from humdrum. The namesake of one of the world’s premier alpine motorcycling roads, the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy, ownership of a Moto Guzzi Stelvio brings epic tarmac, rugged scenery and roads less traveled within reach.

If the desert draws you or your daily commute needs a little ‘desert’ or ‘dirt track’ in it, then the V7 Scrambler is for you. Practical features such as ABS combine with raised pipe exhaust styling for a tight, nimble package that looks the part in urban and boondock settings alike.